100% PURE ZAM ZAM WATER BOX (12 Bottles)


One of the miracles of Zamzam water is its ability to satisfy both thirst and hunger. One of the Companions of the Prophet said that before Islam, the water was called ‘shabbaa’ah’ or satisfying. It was filling and helped them nourish their families. More recently, in the last few decades, samples of ZamZam water have been collected by scientists and they have found certain peculiarities that make the water healthier, like a higher level of calcium. Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) said it has healing effects. This is why pilgrims to Makkah to this day collect it in bottles, to bring back for relatives and friends back home who are ill. He used to sprinkle it over the sick and make them drink it. In some Hadith, it has been reported that the water of Zamzam has healing effects.  In one Hadith it is said: Narrated by Jabir that the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) said: “Water of Zamzam is good for whatever purpose it has been drunk. In another Hadith the Prophet said “Water of Zamzam is a healer of every disease. Muslims throughout the world do believe that the water is blessed and accordingly it is considered as one of the best gift to be offered. We offers a range of bottled water which you can buy from our online shop or visit our store and buy from here.

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